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Nikki and her husband, Jules, run Vita Skin Spa award winning spas in Salisbury and Winchester.

In the March lockdown they started their online shop so that their lovely clients could still order their products from them and have been expanding their spa product range since then.

This year they launched their letterbox treatments and rituals to bring a little bit of the spa into peoples homes.

Q & A with the creator of Vita Spa Box, Nikki.

Q: Why did I create Vita Spa Box?

A: I’ve been in the spa and wellness industry for 18 years and know how important self-care is. I love making people feel wonderful when they come in to the spa for treatments. As lockdown has meant that people aren’t getting that important time out at spas, I wanted to bring a little piece of the spa to them at home.

Q: What makes us different to other letterbox gifts?

A: Other letterbox gifts are a collection of things (often beautiful things) that don’t relate to one another which means you probably dip in and out and use something from the box every now and then. If they include skin care, it will usually be the same product given to everyone which isn’t necessarily designed for your unique skin. With Vita Spa Box it is designed to be a wellness ritual, a treatment that is done at one time to give the recipient a moment of relaxation. We have taken the elements of a spa treatment including scents and music, to transport you to the spa. Our rituals also include guided meditation which can be used with your ritual and throughout your week to bring mindful moments of calm.

Q: What’s important to me when choosing the brands that we partner with?

A: I love local, handmade products. I love working with small companies who can create bespoke products for us. I look for those who have ethics that align with mine and who use natural ingredients. Alongside our gorgeous made in England brands, we use a couple of larger brands that we have worked with in our spas for many years and they have been chosen for the results they deliver.

Q: Why is supporting local so important?

A: I have always tried to support local businesses and love hearing the stories of people who start up in their homes and grow and develop. This past year, the independent businesses have been hit hard and we need to all support them in order for them to survive. When you buy our boxes you are not only supporting our family business but a whole host of other family run businesses too. 

Q: What’s my favourite box?

A: I love them all but my favourite is the Be Happy Ritual

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